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July 28, 2016
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WLUSU announces Student Life Levy projects for 2007

Apr 17/07

The Wilfrid Laurier University Students' Union (WLUSU) recently announced the projects that will receive nearly $700,000 in funding from the Student Life Levy for the 2006-2007 academic year.

More than 20 projects will be funded through this year’s Student Life Levy. The funding is divided between Laurier’s Waterloo and Brantford campuses, proportionate to the number of students located at each.

The Waterloo projects include an upgrade to the campus computer labs, an accessible-learning accommodation bursary, an audio system for the Athletic Complex gym, and video equipment for the Theatre Auditorium and the Maureen Forrester Recital Hall.

The Brantford projects include computer equipment upgrades for the student centre and the Carnegie building, an improvement to the accessible-learning exam program, and a Brantford Student Union award.

As well, both campuses will benefit from a project that enhances Laurier’s wireless network.

"WLUSU is confident the initiatives funded will help enhance the overall student experience on both campuses,” said Allan Cayenne, president and chief executive officer of the students' union. “We look forward to making additional enhancements in the future and we’re happy to work with the university to do so."

The university acknowledged the extraordinary contributions made by the student body.

“The spirit of co-operation that exists at Laurier between the students and administration is exemplified through this arrangement. The generosity of our students is unmatched anywhere in Canada, and is truly what makes Laurier unique,” said Dan Dawson, director, student services.

The Student Life Levy was passed by Laurier students in 1993 and represents a contribution from the undergraduate student body to the university’s capital campaign. The total contribution to the university is in excess of $8.5 million, making Laurier students the largest single contributors to the campaign.

Projects are selected for funding based on their fit with the Student Life Levy priority areas:
1.    Scholarship and bursary funds.
2.    Technology and library acquisitions.
3.    General enhancement of student life. 

"The generous Student Life Levy contributions have proven to be invaluable sources of support for many extraordinary improvements to the quality of education and student life at Laurier,” said Laurier’s dean of students, David McMurray.

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