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December 4, 2016
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Political Science

Christopher Alcantara publishes two new open-access articles on Indigenous-settler relations

Oct 21/13

Christopher Alcantara has published two new articles, both of which are open access and can be downloaded by anyone, free of charge.

The first is an article with Jen Nelles (CUNY, Hunter College), which tries to explain cooperation between Indigenous and local governments, while the second, with Gary Wilson (UNBC), tries to explain and predict the future of inter-jurisdictional relations in Inuit self-governing regions in the Canadian north.

  • Jen Nelles and Christopher Alcantara. "Explaining the Emergence of Indigenous-Local Intergovernmental Relations in Settler Societies: A Theoretical Framework." Urban Affairs Review. You can download a copy of the paper here (ungated).

  • Christopher Alcantara and Gary N. Wilson. "The Dynamics of Intra-Jurisdictional Relations in the Inuit Regions of the Canadian Arctic: An Institutionalist Perspective." Regional and Federal Studies. You can download a copy of the paper here (ungated).

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