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October 28, 2016
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Political Science

Faculty Member Dr. Andrea Brown wins CIGI grant

Dec 10/12

Associate Professor Andrea Brown, along with several other professors from WLU and UW have won a Centre for International Governance Innovation’s (CIGI) Strategic Research Initiative Grant. According to the press release: "Led by Jonathan Crush, CIGI Chair in Global Migration and Development at the Balsillie School of International Affairs, the multi-year project was the only selected for the largest category of CIGI’s Collaborative Research Awards, with funding of up to $450,000 available over three years."

"The Hungry Cities Initiative will focus on the global management of sustainable cities, in light of an anticipated, major increase in the urban population of developing countries. “Feeding these urban populations adequately and in ways that will protect and enhance ecosystems is at the heart of reducing levels of urban poverty, increasing social inclusion and ensuring healthy and innovative citizens,” says Jonathan Crush. By examining issues of food production, urban food security and migration, project members expect to formulate and promote a new agenda for the Global South’s governance of these issues."

Congratulations to Dr. Brown and her collaborators!

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