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December 4, 2016
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Safety, Health, Environment & Risk Management

Ministry of Labour Blitz Targets New and Young Workers

Jul 21/15

The Ministry of Labour has developed a compliance strategy called Safe at Work Ontario (SWO). The primary focus of this strategy is to reduce workplace injuries and illnesses, improve the health and safety culture of workplaces and reduce the overall burden on the healthcare system. This strategy involves "focused enforcement programs" that include monthly inspection blitzes on sector-specific hazards which are designed to raise awareness and increase compliance with health and safety legislation.

Laurier is considered an Industrial Establishment which falls under the Education Sector.

From May-August the Ministry of Labour will be performing unannounced inspections around New and Young Workers in workplaces within our sector.

  • Between 2006 and 2010, 34 young workers aged 15 to 24 died in work-related incidents.
  • The highest number of lost-time-at-work claims for on-the-job injuries involved young workers employed in occupations such as sales and service, transport/equipment operators and labourers in processing, manufacturing and utilities.
  • Since the launch of Safe At Work Ontario in June 2008, the province's team of more than 400 health and safety inspectors conducted more than 160,000 proactive and 66,000 reactive field visits, issued more than 360,000 compliance orders and conducted 25 proactive inspection blitzes.


Help Protect New and Young Workers

Health and safety inspectors from the Ministry of Labour will check that employers comply with the Occupational Health and Safety Act.

The blitz will ensure young workers:

  • Are protected by required safety measures, equipment and procedures to prevent injuries
  • Are properly instructed, trained and supervised on jobs
  • Meet minimum age requirements.

For more information on New and Young Workers click here.

Workplace Safety and Prevention Services - Turn young, new worker blitz results into a 6-point prevention strategy 

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