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October 21, 2016
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Going Abroad This Summer

May 2/12

A number of Laurier students are going abroad this summer to create an impact on societies that are less fortunate. We wish the following for a life changing experience:

Thomas Waite, who is in Vietnam for 6 weeks helping children at an orphanage

Mackenzie King, who will be going to Amsterdam for one year working at ING

Margret Yu, who will be going to India for 6 weeks working at a microfinance company

Weiling Yang, who will be going to China for 6 weeks granting the wishes of local communities

Anchal Dhingra, who will be going to Greece for 6 weeks to help promote the activities of non-government organizations

There are still students who are looking for their own life changing experience and you can be one too. For more information, visit and be ready to have a new perspective on life.

AIESEC is a student-run organization that facilitates and organizes
outgoing and incoming exchanges for students who want to gain
international experiences, and change the world for dozens of people.
Every year AIESEC Laurier recruits students who have a passion for
taking on corporate level responsibilities, volunteers looking to
leave an impact and students who seek professional and international

If you are interested, visit Also, like our page
( to keep updated with all the
latest opportunities and to see how AIESEC is changing the lives of
both students and communities

Thanks a lot,

Chungsoon Haw
Vice President of Communications
AIESEC Laurier

Phone:          +1 647 299 6238 (Canada)
Skype:          chaw01


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