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October 26, 2016
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REGISTER: International Orientation Week 2014-15

Jun 12/14

What is it?

International Orientation (IO) Week is your way to explore Laurierís campus, the city of Waterloo and some of the famous wonders of Canada before the start of your academics here at Laurier. This is 5-day long program that will take place from the August 25-29, 2014. On Saturday August 30, all IO week participants are invited to visit Canada's famous iconic natural wonders: Niagara Falls. International Orientation Week and Niagara Falls Trip are free to all incoming international students.

Expectations and details of the event

All International Orientation participants will live on campus, in residence during the program and will be allowed to move into their assigned residence at the end of the first week. In addition to two meals a day, you will attend daily information sessions and workshops specifically designed to make sure that you have the knowledge and skills you need to have a positive and successful first-year experience at Laurier. There will also be organized social activities in the evenings, giving you an opportunity to meet and make new friends before the start of the school year.

International Orientation is free to all incoming students and includes meals, accommodations and activities. Still not convinced you should attend? Our 2013-2014 student data shows a positive difference in the preparedness and academic success of those students who have participated in orientation. Get an early start to your success in Canada.


"The IO week is a great opportunity for me to make new friends from all over the world. It is also a great transition opportunity for incoming international students to get engaged. The workshop and activities give us a direction for what the university life looks like before it real starts. One of my best I O week memories is the trip to Niagara Fall!"

Parker Zhang (Honours Economics, Class 2014)

"IO Week was great for me because it allowed me to settle down before the rush of orientation week. I appreciated the small group size and calm setting. In a few hours, I was making friends from around the world! I was also able to get familiar with the campus early on. I definitely recommend it to new students."

Joshua Awolade (International Peer Mentor 2014-2015)

"Meeting new friends is most amazing part in IO week. I have seen so many upper year students are still hanging out with friends they made during IO week. Friends are families when you are away from home, Do not miss out IO week, since it is the most fun and effective way to meet more people!"

Kaylee (International Peer Mentor 2013-2015)

"IO Week is an amazing opportunity to get to know Laurier campus, specific features of Canadian education system, and lots of different information that you must know as already a Canadian temporary resident. Moreover, IO Week provides you with a great chance to acquire new friends who will be your best support during your life experience in Canada. Lastly, IO week combines lots of fun trips, spectacular sightseeing, and superb hospitality that will make you feel home away from home."

Yana Vrubleuskaya (IPM 2014-2015)

"IO Week was an amazing experience that I am so thankful and that I will not forget. It  was a big help to me with getting adjusted to the new environment and to the university life. I learned how to be independent and how to be confident. The best thing is that I met lots of people who I would spend the next few years with and many of them have become my best friends. IO Week is so much fun and it is a great way to start the university life."

Hanying (IPM 2014-2015)

"I am thankful I went for my IO week because it gave me an extra week to adjust to my new environment, get settled in and make new friends. The most memorable thing about it was the outings that was planned for each day such as a trip to the cinema, farmers market and Niagara Falls. There was also information sessions and group activities that helped me with my transition to University life."

Gillian Francis (IPM 2014-2015)

Again, the event is absolutely free so we highly encourage all the incoming international degree-seeking students to attend. Our past experience has shown us that students who attended the IO Week were better able to adjust to their studies here at Laurier.

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