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October 26, 2016
Canadian Excellence


Hind A. Al-Abadleh

Read here for highlights from Bob McDonald's talk on 'Planet Ocean' today at the MUSEUM

Nov 24/13

Let science literacy, common sense and foresight guide our actions in solving climate change and threats to the oceans and fresh water supplies.

Can we just stop burning every thing that comes out of the ground and stop eating (consuming) every thing we put our hands on?

Can we push to be more efficient in how we use energy and be less wasteful? This is a practical problem for the engineers who can figure it out.

We have to control our numbers (referring to number of human inhabiting the planet), and the way to do it is by encouraging equality for women worldwide.

On geoengineering: we have been –accidently- geoengineering the planet by the burning of fossil fuels, and look where it got us. I’d rather think of our species as part of this planet and not mess with it.

Advice to young people in the audience:

Make sure you know what you like to do to have fun so that later you get paid having fun.

Turn away from the TV. They only report on the person who got shot, and don’t report on the hundreds good people who are like you and me.

Take time to travel away from the north American continent. The best time of my life was in my 20s when I took a half a year off and traveled by my self around the globe. You’ll get to see many places and get to explore the planet we live on. You also will meet amazing people in different parts of the world. And when you come back, you’ll be more grateful and appreciative of your home country.

On the side, Bob joked saying that there is a Canadian-made instrument on Mars rovers that monitors the 'weather' on the red planet.  Now Canadians have two weather systems to complain about :)

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