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December 4, 2016
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Student Financial Account Disclosure Form

Jun 27/12

In accordance with the Privacy Protection, Information Availability (10.1) and Student Records (10.2), Service Laurier staff are not at liberty to discuss any matters of student financial accounts without the express written consent of the account holder (the account holder is hereby defined as the person who is named on the account).

The account holder may fill out a Student Account Disclosure Form to grant consent for Service Laurier staff to discuss any matters pertaining to the student financial account (no individual except the account holder can make any changes or requests on the account).  This consent form will be valid for the remainder of the time that the account holder is an active student at the University, unless consent is revoked (in writing) by the account holder.

This authorization applies to your financial account only. The University will not discuss anything else such as your academic record, with anyone other than you.

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