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December 2, 2016
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Commissioner of Oaths

Sep 5/12

Wilfrid Laurier has a Commissioner of Oaths who is available to assist individuals with University-related business. Commissioners of oaths are persons who are empowered under provincial legislation to administer and witness the swearing of oaths or solemn affirmations in the taking of an affidavit for any potential legal matter. Commissioners of oaths are also empowered to witness any declaration as required under at statute. The person swearing an oath, making an affirmation or making a declaration is called a deponent or declarant. A commissioner of oaths only certifies that the required oath or affirmation or declaration has been properly administered. Commissioners of oaths do not certify the truth of the statements contained in a document; which remains the responsibility of declarants or deponents themselves. It often becomes necessary to obtain and use copies of a document rather than use the actual document itself. In this situation, the Commissioner can photocopy the document and certify it as being a true or genuine copy of the original by affixing a signature, seal and statement to that effect on the copy. As a result, the veracity of the copied document is assured to persons to whom the photocopied document is later presented.

For more information or to contact the Commissioner of Oaths to schedule an appointment, contact Joanne Bell, Sr. Administrative Assistant at  or ext. 6350.

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