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December 9, 2016
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Enrolment Services

Completion of Financial Related Forms

Oct 2/13

Many organizations require that students show confirmation of registration in order to release funds to them. The forms and letters are completed by our Transcript/Document Specialist.

Information on the process for Waterloo students is available online at Official Transcript/Documents. From the Office of the Registrar homepage, click on Official Third Party Letters/Completion of Forms.

Information on the process for Brantford students is available from the Registrarial Services homepage, click on Letter, Transcript and Outside Agency Form Completion.

RESP Forms
Students must be registered in courses before we can complete any financial forms. The payment must accompany the request. Before submitting the form, ensure all sections are completed, and include your Laurier ID # and mailing address.

CPP Forms
We will complete the form and mail it for you; however, government procedures dictate that the form cannot be mailed until mid to late September. A return envelope or a return address must be provided. The payment must accompany the request.

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