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February 22, 2017
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Key Dates to Be Aware of Over the Next Few Months

Jul 8/13

Play close attention to the condensed list of dates below to avoid missing critical financial and academic deadlines. The complete list of all academic and other important dates can be found, by term, in the online Undergraduate Academic Calendar found at

April 29 to September 22 - Make sure you do the online Calculus Preparation Evaluation (CPE) test before registering in MA100, MA103, MA110* or MA129

July 22 - Avoid the Late Registration Fee by registering in at least one course before this date

Late July - Residence rooms are assigned and an email is sent advising

Beginning of August - Tuition invoices are mailed to home address to students who have registered

August 28 - Fall term fees are due

September 1 & 2 - Move into residence

September 2 to 6 - Orientation (O-week)

September 9 - Lectures begin

September 20 - Final day to opt out of WLUSU Health, Dental & Accidental Insurance Program

September 22 - Last day to add fall term and full-year courses

November 4 - Last day to drop/withdraw without academic penalty (failure) and for possible fee adjustment

December 2 - Lectures end - fall term

December 3 & 4 - Pre-exam study days - fall term

December 5 to 18 - Final examination period - fall term

January 6, 2014 - Lectures begin - winter term

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