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December 4, 2016
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Nanoscience at Laurier

Laurier CSASM Seminar Series, Oct 25, 2:30pm, Professor Ortwin, Active Metamaterials: From ‘Trapped Rainbows’ to Stopped-Light Lasing

Oct 6/13

Speaker: Professor Ortwin
The Blackett Laboratory, Department of Physics, Condensed Matter Theory Group
Imperial College London

United Kingdom

Title: Active Metamaterials: From ‘Trapped Rainbows’ to Stopped-Light Lasing

Abstract: Metamaterials have in the last decade emerged as a new paradigm in physics, optics, engineering and nanoscience, paving the way for a multitude of unprecedented capabilities such as invisibility cloaking, perfect imaging and trapped rainbow stopping of light.  In this lecture I will give an overview of recent key developments in the field of metamaterials, highlighting theoretical, computational and modeling concepts of active metamaterials for sub-wavelength imaging, invisibility cloaking and trapped-rainbow stopping of light [1,2]. Describing the complex spatio-temporal interaction between plasmons, light and quantum gain media on the nanoscale the lecture will then chart the way towards control of nanoscale quantum emitters [3], ultra-thin metasurfaces [4] and stopped-light nanolasing [5].

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