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December 10, 2016
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Public Review of draft Canadian standard, CSA Z5100 - Cellulosic nanomaterials- Test methods for characterization, closes Oct. 22, 2013

Sep 1/13

The Canadian Standards Association (CSA) Group is pleased to announce that a draft new standard,  CSA Z5100 - Cellulosic nanomaterials- Test methods for characterization is now available for Public Review, with public comment period closing on Oct. 22, 2013.   

This is a national standard developed in Canada with multiple stakeholder input, providing a consolidated set of test methods to characterize base cellulosic nanomaterials. This Standard is the first in a series on cellulosic nanomaterials intended to serve as a foundation for the development of both Canadian and international standards to facilitate introduction of cellulosic nanomaterials into global markets.

The new CSA Group national (Canada) standard, CSA Z5100 can be accessed at: ( .  There is a simple registration, after which you can view and comment on the draft.  Thank you!

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