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December 9, 2016
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Copyright Fee Changes

Aug 3/12

At the June 21, 2012 meeting of the Laurier Board of Governors, the Board
directed the University to enter into a license agreement with Access
Copyright.  This license provides Laurier with the right to copy materials to
which copyright applies.  This copying includes copying for paper course packs,
as well as digital copying for materials posting on the MyLaurier site.   With
this license, students will no longer pay a separate copyright fee for copying
of materials for coursepacks; rather, there is one annual license fee is $26.00
per full-time equivalent student.  As a result, Laurier estimates that students
will see an anticipated savings of approximately 30% on the cost of printed
course packs.  The Board also approved a cost-sharing arrangement for the
license fee.  Students will cover 80% of this license fee and the University
will cover 20%.  The fee breakdown is as follows:

Undergraduate students from current fee of $0.34 to $2.08
per one-half credit course.

Graduate students from current fee of $1.70 to $10.40 per
academic term.

Part-time Graduate students from current fee of $0.85 to
$5.20 per academic term.

The majority of universities in Canada have signed onto the license
agreement.  For Ontario universities who will be operating under the license
agreement, most are charging the full copyright fee to their students.  The
Laurier arrangement where students are paying only 80% of the fee is the most
favourable arrangement in Ontario.

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