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December 10, 2016
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Feb 9/11


  1. There are many ways to move forward: you can run, walk, be pushed, be shoved, be propelled, lead or be led. In your opinion how is Laurier moving forward? How should Laurier move forward?

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External Laurier Community Member wrote:
Posted 2011/02/23
at 12:12am
I believe that Laurier should walk rather than run and be pushed around. In saying that, I mean Lauirer should focus on how we can improve with our competitive advantage rather than seeking opportunities everywhere, expanding too quickly and in the wrong direction.

Laurier has a relatively small Waterloo campus and an even smaller growing campus in Brantford. It seems to lose sight on its competitive advantages of being a high quality academic institution.

I believe the best way forward is to expand the Waterloo campus, or find some lands close to the current Waterloo campus rather than expanding in Milton. That way, students can enjoy shared resources; athletic facilities, food service, bookstore, library, services and the choice of classes.

One of the things unique about the Brantford campus was its size, that everyone knows each other. Radically expanding that campus would make it just like any other university, except with a lower reputation due to its lack of reputation as it is relatively new.

Focusing on high quality academics, programs with an established reputation (i.e. Business Administration) should be the priority. The Waterloo campus should be expanded to add shared resources. The Brantford campus should be left alone. Milton should be dropped.

As taught in WLU’s business program, expanding too quickly and not focusing on competitive advantages is the common source of failure for organizations.

Edward Choi, BBA Co-op, WLU, 2008
David R. Johnson wrote:
Posted 2011/02/12
at 2:45pm
In my opinoion, Laurier is not moving forward. It just gets bigger

How should it move forward - having meaningful and useful teaching evaluations would be a good start. Having a meaningful and useful tenure process would also be helpful

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