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December 9, 2016
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Office of Aboriginal Initiatives

Radio Documentary: Reclaiming Education: Bridging the Gap between Generations (with Shawn & Rachael)

part of Radio Laurier's Moccasin Tales Radio Show

Mar 10/14

One of the key pillars of the Resonating Reconciliation project are the documentaries. As part of this project, forty campus and community radio stations across the country are working with local Indigenous producers to create a documentary about the legacy of Indian Residential Schools in their communities. They are the result of the culminating hard work of the Indigenous producers to write, record, and produce the documentaries, and from the stations to train, provide assistance, equipment, and technical support for the producers.

The documentaries share the stories of survivors, people who work for child and family services, family members, friends, and many more people whose lives have been impacted and shaped by the legacy of Indian Residential Schools.

Documentary: Reclaiming Education: Bridging the Gap between Generations (MP3 of part 1) (MP3 of part 2)

Produced by: Rachael Simon and Shawn Johnston

Editor: James Blake

Featured Speakers/Guests: Lila Bruyere - Residential School Survivor; family members Ron Simon (father), June Simon (mother), and Wilma Simon (aunt); Indigneous students Jason "Rocky" Carter and Jo-anne Absolon; and Coleman Olenick an Indigenous youth

Music: Hand Dram Singers: Paige McCamon-Sillaby, Shae Anthony, Lyle Dixon, Pilar Roqueni, Joanne Absolon, and Margo Lee. Song List: The Morning Song, Bear Song, Micmaq Welcoming Song, Swirling Water Song, Travelling Song, Wild Flower Song

Summary: Reclaiming Education is a two-part documentary telling the story of how the legacy of Residential Schools has affected our ancestors as well as the aboriginal youth of today. This is told through the stories of Residential School survivors, the children of survivors, Aboriginal students and Aboriginal Youth.

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