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April 30, 2017
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Dr. Paul Tiessen wins the Faculty of Arts' Teaching Scholar Award

Faculty of Arts

Jan 28/11

The vital mission of a Faculty of Arts is to engage the next generation in the critical spirit, intellectual and creative attainments, and scholarly methods of our past, as well as new and emerging variations upon those academic traditions. Good teaching and good scholarship are inextricably linked. Demonstrated excellence in emphasizing this connection are the central criterion for determining the recipient.

Dr. Tiessen was presented with the award at the Faculty of Arts Awards Ceremony in March and will be donating $1000.00 to a scholarship or bursary fund for students.

Dr. Tiessenís contributions as a scholar have shaped the studies of Canadian modernism, Mennonite literature and culture, and Malcolm Lowry studies. Dr. Tiessen started the Film Studies program at Laurier and chaired the program for 22 years, teaching the large-enrolment first-year courses that introduce hundreds of students a year to film studies as an academic discipline, in addition to teaching courses in film history and Hitchcock and modernism. His colleagues praise not only his professionalism, but also emphasize his generosity and good humour.

The letters from Dr. Tiessenís students are particularly strong, and say that a classroom experience with Dr. Tiessen is like no other, that his style of discussion combines a wealth of knowledge combined with a humility that values studentsí contributions as an integral part of his pedagogy. One student noted that Dr. Tiessenís knowledge and enthusiasm was so capacious, that the student feels inspired to take notes even in a casual conversation with Dr. Tiessen.

The Faculty of Arts is pleased to be able to honour Dr. Paul Tiessen with this award in his final year at Laurier.

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