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June 29, 2017
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Wilfrid Laurier University Special Constable Service

Bicycle Recycling Program- Environmentally Friendly Approach at Wilfrid laurier University Special Constable Service to found bicycles on campus.

Aug 31/09

Supervisor Rick Cousineau who looks after our property formed a partnership with Canadian Alliance for Children and Elmira District High School to repair bicycles and distribute them to children who couldn't afford to have a bicycle. Wilfrid Laurier Special Constable Service used to take these bicycles to the land fill which isn't very environmentally friendly.


In May of 2009 Wilfrid Laurier University Special Constable Service disposed of 15 found bicycles from the Wilfrid Laurier University Lost and Found department. The bicycles were dropped off to Shirley Redecopp a Community Outreach Worker with the Canadian Alliance Plan for Children which is a non-profit organization working in poverty intervention. Children living in the rural area lack access to recreation due to transportation because of location, as well as, low income.


The bicycles are dropped off at Elmira District Highschool and repaired by the students. A teacher from that school Jeff Martin assists with the program  and has developed a curriculm.Once the bicycles are repaired they are distributed through Shirley Redecopp to families in need.

The students were able to fix eight of the bicycles and they have been distributed to some Mennonite kid's . ( see attached photo)This was a great initiative and allows our service to reach out to the Waterloo Community and form external partnerships. Great job Rick on developing this program.

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