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December 7, 2016
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Laurier enhances safety review process for teaching lab activity

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Apr 9/13

Wilfrid Laurier University has enhanced its safety review process for all teaching laboratory experiments that involve invasive procedures on human subjects.

Procedures for such experiments must be reviewed and approved by the university’s Teaching Safety Committee prior to commencement of the experiment. On an annual basis, and prior to each academic year, the university’s Safety, Health, Environment & Risk Assessment office will request verification that the review contains current experimental procedures.

For more information about the enhanced safety review process, and for copies of the relevant forms, please visit:

The enhancements to the safety review process are the result of the university’s commitment to review its safety processes following a possible health risk to some participants in a third-year Kinesiology and Physical Education course (Physiology of Physical Activity KP322) as a result of blood lactate level testing. There was an extremely low risk that the way in which the blood sampler device was used in the testing could have resulted in blood transmission among those course participants who volunteered to have their blood lactate levels tested.

The university contacted students and former students who may have volunteered for this testing and worked with the Region of Waterloo Public Health office to provide them with appropriate information. The university regrets the concern and stress that this situation may have caused those who participated in this particular lab experiment; to date, the university is not aware of anyone being adversely affected.  For more information, please visit:

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