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September 21, 2017
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Details following Laurier's March 14 & 15 service outage

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Mar 15/12

Over the last 24 hours the Laurier community experienced unrelated Internet outages on our campuses. During these disruptions, connectivity was available within and between campuses but connections to outside systems were not available. The service outage impacted Laurier Brantford early Thursday morning and was resolved by 9 a.m. The service outage impacted Laurier’s Waterloo campus Wednesday beginning mid-morning and was resolved by 11:30 p.m. We have provided important points followed by background information below.

Both of these outages have occurred at a very inconvenient time for students, faculty and staff. Our ITS group cannot control the external and environmental factors that caused these disruptions and we share your frustration. We do regret the impact this has had on the Laurier community and appreciate your patience and understanding.  

Please note the following:

MyLaurier and MyLearningSpace users, Waterloo campus:

During Wednesday’s outage, the main login page for MyLearningSpace was accessible, but an attempt to log in would have resulted in a password or authentication message because of authentication processes located within our network. You should now be able to log in normally. Email sent to and from was not impacted as it is a cloud service. 

GroupWise users:

GroupWise mail users should note that any mail sent to external servers was delivered within one hour of service resumption late Wednesday night. 

Mail sent to accounts from external servers during the outage is more problematic. Because our mail server was not accessible during this time, any mail directed to it would be returned to the originating server. Most external servers are configured to resend mail automatically at some point after the initial failure, but the process varies by server.  It is likely that you may receive messages originally sent Wednesday over the next day or so.  It is also possible that someone attempted to send mail to you but will receive no notification of the delivery failure, so you may receive comments from your contacts asking why you have not responded to messages they sent. If you were expecting messages of high importance between 10 a.m. and midnight on March 14th, we advise you to contact the sender in case they need to resend.

Background information on why the outages occurred:

Brantford Outage
There was an equipment malfunction this morning (March 15) which impacted Laurier Brantford’s Internet connection. Service returned to normal by 9 a.m.  The disruption appears to be related to the impact of severe lightning in the Brantford area and its impact on sensitive network equipment.

Waterloo Campus Outage
Yesterday (March 14) the main Internet provider for the Waterloo campus suffered a two-phase outage: a primary fibre optic line was damaged at approximately 10 a.m. followed by an equipment malfunction when they attempted to activate their backup lines. With both primary and secondary lines unavailable, the Internet provider was forced to implement a third solution, which was in place by 11:30 p.m.  This outage was not isolated to Laurier and other customers of this provider were also impacted.  During the outage, systems and communication within the campus network functioned normally but all incoming and outgoing Internet and email traffic was impacted. 

ITS encourages anyone experiencing current Internet/network issues to contact their respective service desks for assistance.

Students can email the Student Service Desk at or call ext. 2222
Staff and faculty can email the Employee Service Desk at or call ext. 4357 (Waterloo) or ext. 5725 (Brantford).

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