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October 26, 2016
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Laurier looking for more blood donors to reach Partners for Life goal

Communications, Public Affairs & Marketing

Dec 2/10

In Canada, someone needs blood almost every minute of every day for surgery or medical treatment. One blood donation, which takes just one hour, can save up to three lives.

Laurier joined Canadian Blood Services as a Partner for Life (PFL) this year and pledged to collect 300 donations. Sign up today to help us met our goal!

The university is close to reaching its goal but the year is almost over. Whether you are a first-time donor or you have already given blood but haven’t used Laurier’s PFL number, you can help.

“The Laurier community strongly supports Canadian Blood Services and the vital work that they do,” said Laurier president Max Blouw. “Our students have a history of giving back to the community.  They have been participating in blood clinics for many years and we are proud of their contributions and the fact that they lead by example.”

Anyone with a relationship to any of Laurier’s campuses can use the university’s PFL number – students, staff, faculty, alumni, spouses and friends!

If you’re a new donor:

Call 1-888-2-DONATE (1-888-236-6283) to book an appointment at Canadian Blood Services’ permanent clinic at 94 Bridgeport Road East, in the Sobeys Plaza.

When you go, give Laurier’s PFL ID number: WILF001529. You will only need to give this number the first time you sign up, and then it will be linked to your donor card information.

If you have already donated but would like to link your donations to Laurier:

1. Go to the website here.

2. Enter Laurier’s PFL ID number: WILF001529.

3. Fill in the rest of the form, including your donor card number. 

Now all of your past donations for 2010 and any future donations are automatically counted toward Laurier's annual goal.

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