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October 24, 2017
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IPRM update

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Jun 6/14

The IPRM working groups continue to make steady progress.

The academic priorities team has evaluated 72 per cent of the 185 academic program templates, and aims to complete evaluations by the end of June.

The administrative priorities team anticipates that it will evaluate the remaining 27 per cent of its 194 administrative program templates by the end of July. Both teams plan to submit reports to the Planning Task Force (PTF) by September.

“From the outset, the teams have carefully considered both the qualitative and quantitative information in the program templates,” said Mary-Louise Byrne, PTF co-chair. “This focus remains strong as the teams look at the quality of the programs and take the time needed to discuss each program in detail.”

The resource management team (RMT) is reviewing budget options for academic units, revenue-generating and ancillary units and the university fund for support/cost centres. The team is expecting to present recommendations for a proposed budget model to the PTF in July.

“It’s important to note that the RMT’s mandate is to evaluate and recommend a new resource allocation model that best suits the university – not to propose budget cuts,” said Joanne McKee, RMT co-chair. “We would be expected to recommend a new model for Laurier even in a surplus situation.”

IPRM’s resource management process runs parallel to its prioritization process. At the end of IPRM, the program prioritization outcomes will help to inform future resource allocation.

“Our current incremental/historically based budget model defaults to across-the-board cuts, such as the recent two-per-cent reduction,” said Ruth Cruickshank, RMT co-chair. “While these reductions can’t be postponed until IPRM is finished, once the IPRM process has recommended a new budget model and grouped programs into prioritization categories, Laurier will be able to make more informed, strategic decisions when it comes to allocating funds.”

Once the PTF has reviewed the reports from all three working groups, it will provide a final report of recommendations to the Senate and Board of Governors in the fall.

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