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October 23, 2017
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Migration to Microsoft: ITS to update all staff/faculty computers May 1-23

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May 1/14

After evaluating the options available to improve the network system and email service delivered to faculty and staff, the university has decided to migrate to the Microsoft suite of solutions. This migration will include the network drives, print and email (moving to Outlook/Exchange from GroupWise) for all faculty and staff. Migration to Microsoft Outlook will take place between May 31 and June 1. Detailed information about this switch, including answers to frequently asked questions, can be found here.

To begin the migration, Information Technology Services (ITS) will need to access all Laurier staff and faculty computers between May 1 and May 23 to initiate a series of system updates. This initial visit will take 3-5 minutes to complete.

To facilitate the process:

  • ITS will contact the administrative assistant in each department to provide the system update schedule for each area, including when the technical specialist will require access to each workstation. The schedule will also be posted online.
  • Laurier faculty and staff are asked to leave their workstations powered on when the technical specialist is scheduled to visit their workstation.
  • Those who are not able to meet the assigned schedule are asked to contact the Service Desk to make alternate arrangements.
  • Note that users do not need to be logged in. The technical specialists will log in using the admin account.

Upon completion, the technical specialist will leave information behind explaining what has been done and some key information. The only noticeable change at this point will be the appearance of the login screen. Users will still use the same login information and emails will be backed up automatically, as will all of the files and drives on the servers.

After the system updates to all staff and faculty machines are complete, the changeover to Microsoft Outlook email client will be activated. This change will take place May 31, 2014 and will be completed remotely. More details on this stage will be shared as we near May 31st.

Thank you for your cooperation and assistance. Please click here for answers to frequently asked questions. For additional questions, please contact the Service Desk at ext. 4357 or

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