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September 25, 2017
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IPRM program evaluation criteria established

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Jul 22/13

When the Integrated Planning and Resource Management (IPRM) process was first introduced to the Laurier community, it was paired with a fundamental question: “How will we continue to make Laurier a better institution?”

IPRM is designed to answer this question by identifying the key principles and priorities that are essential to Laurier’s future, then putting resources toward those priorities. Key to the prioritization process is the criteria by which each academic and administrative program will be evaluated. For the purposes of IPRM, a program is defined as having a common set of activities that can be discretely defined, has clear and definable clientele, and consumes resources.

Academic and Administrative Priorities Teams

The Academic and Administrative Priorities teams have compiled a comprehensive list of academic and administrative programs based on input from and consultation with deans and administrative areas.

Academic programs include all programs for credit, as well as service teaching and research. Administrative programs include all additional functions within units such as information technology, human resources, co-op and career, dean's offices, registrarial services, the Library, etc. All campus programs will be reviewed by one of the two teams.  

In addition to finalizing the list of programs, the Academic and Administrative Teams have been meeting regularly and working diligently over the past few months to develop the criteria and weights for program evaluation. Their criteria recommendations have been reviewed and approved by the Planning Task Force (PTF).

The criteria will be incorporated into one academic template and one administrative template. A completed template will be required for each program at Laurier. For information on criteria and weightings, please click here.

Next Steps

The Academic and Administrative Priorities Teams are working to create and pilot test the templates designed to gather information related to each criteria. It is anticipated that templates will then be finalized and distributed in the fall. Data compiled by the Office of Institutional Research will be made available to those completing the templates, and training and support will be provided.

Once completed, the templates will be reviewed and evaluated by the Academic or Administrative Priorities Teams, after which the teams will provide prioritization recommendations to the PTF. These recommendations will form the basis of the PTF’s prioritization recommendations to the Senate and Board of Governors.

Resource Management Team

The Resource Management Team has been compiling and reviewing material on different budget models and the application of those models in the Canadian and U.S. university setting, as well as examining the processes undertaken to develop and implement these models. The team has received a presentation on the budget model and process currently in place at Laurier, and is now beginning to evaluate their strengths and weaknesses.

“I commend the IPRM working groups for their hard work and dedication over the spring and summer months,” said Laurier President and Vice-Chancellor, Max Blouw. “The teams have maintained their commitment to a collaborative and transparent process that is being driven by members of the Laurier community. I have no doubt that their efforts will contribute to Laurier’s strategic success in the years ahead.”

For detailed information, please click the following links:

Prioritization process and timeline graph
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June 27 presentation by the Administrative Priorities Team

For further information about the overall IPRM process including a list of Frequently Asked Questions, please visit the website: If departments or groups would like to hear more specific information about IPRM, please email to request a meeting.

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