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September 26, 2017
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Brantford Police BEAT Unit officers respond during emergency simulation
Brantford Police BEAT Unit officers respond during emergency simulation



Laurier and Brantford Police Service hold successful critical incident simulation

Laurier Brantford

Apr 30/13

BRANTFORD – Wilfrid Laurier University and the Brantford Police Service collaborated on a successful critical-incident exercise earlier today that was designed to test the university’s emergency procedures.

The exercise involved a police officer playing the role of an armed intruder in the Research and Academic Centre at 150 Dalhousie St. on Laurier’s Brantford campus.

The exercise required the university’s Special Constable Service and the Brantford Police Service Better Action Enforcement Team (BEAT) to respond. Meanwhile, the university’s Emergency Operations Group (EOG) convened as they would in a real emergency. As the exercise progressed, the EOG was provided with updates about the armed-intruder scenario that required them to make decisions based on the evolving events and information.

“This kind of collaborative exercise is an effective way for university and police officials to test their emergency response plans and find ways to improve their systems and procedures,” said Principal/Vice-President of the Brantford Campus Dr. Lesley Cooper. “Today’s activities will help us provide a safer environment for our students, staff, faculty and visitors.”

Laurier recently updated its emergency response plans. For the Brantford campus, please visit For the Waterloo campus and the Faculty of Social Work in Kitchener, you can find more details at

The university also has a new Emergency Notification System (ENS) that can send a message to all university computer screens as well as a text message to mobile phones. To register your mobile phone, visit

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