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October 22, 2017
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IPRM working group members announced

Communications, Public Affairs & Marketing

Jan 17/13

The nomination, election and appointment process for Laurierís Integrated Planning and Resource Management (IPRM) working groups is complete.

The membership of each of the IPRM working groups below represents 2/3 elected members and 1/3 appointed members. Student members were appointed by WLUSU and GSA. For details about the process, please visit

Interim co-chairs for the working groups have been appointed, and are identified below. These positions will be in place for the first one-to-two meetings of each group, after which each group will appoint its permanent co-chairs.

Planning Task Force Members

Faculty/Librarian members
Kimberly Barber
Pam Bryden
Mary-Louise Byrne
Sofy Carayannopoulos
Ruth Cruikshank
DíArcy Delamere
Carol Duncan (interim co-chair)
Rudy Eikelboom
Lauren Eisler
Karljurgen Feuerherm
Dejan Guzina
Lisa Keeping
Mary Kelly
Marc Kilgour
Donna Kotsopoulos
Paul Mallet
Paul Maxim
Kim Morouney
Mercedes Rowinsky-Geurts
Jane Rutherford
Scott Slocombe
Kevin Spooner
Milo Sweedler
Kevin Swinden
David Vaughan
Margaret Walton-Roberts
Lee Willingham
Steffen Ziss

Non-Faculty members
Jan Basso
Jean Becker
Christopher Brunskill
Tom Buckley
Glen Carruthers
Nick Coady
Holly Cox
Kevin Crowley
Dan Dawson
Michel Desjardins (interim co-chair)
Sally Heath
Rick Henderson
Joanne McKee
Bridget McMahon
Gary Nower
Shelagh Pepper
Pat Rogers
Wayne Steffler

Student members
Michael Onabolu (WLUSU)
Domenica DePasquale (GSA)

Academic Priorities Team Members

Faculty/Librarian members
Mary-Louise Byrne
Lea Caragata
Darryl Dee
Rudy Eikelboom
Lauren Eisler
Michael English
Dejan Guzina
Julia Hendry
Paul Jessop
Lisa Keeping
MicheŠl Kelly
Marc Kilgour
Bill McTeer
Kim Morouney
Joan Norris
Mercedes Rowinsky-Geurts
Jane Rutherford
Bob Sharpe
Kevin Spooner
Kevin Swinden
Peter Tiidus (interim co-chair)
Eleanor Ty (interim co-chair)
Shohini Ghose

Student members
Catherine Mulvihill (GSA)
Ada Sharpe (GSA)

Administrative Priorities Team Members

Non-Faculty members
Tony Araujo (interim co-chair)
Jan Basso
Peter Baxter
Pamela Cant
Holly Cox
Ray Darling
Dan Dawson
Mark Dettweiler
Katarina Loncar
Sherry Palmer
Helen Paret
Nela Petkovic
Debbie Thayer
Colleen Willard-Holt
Sally Gray

Faculty/Librarian members*    
Vera Fesnak    
Mary Kelly (interim co-chair)    
Greg Sennema     

Student members
Alicia Appleby (WLUSU)
Seth Warren (WLUSU)

* As noted during the elections process, the three faculty/librarian nominees for the Administrative Priorities Team were acclaimed to the three elected positions. The remaining two faculty/librarian positions were filled by non-faculty nominees as part of the appointment process.

Resource Management Team Members

Faculty/Librarian members
Peter Carayannopoulos
Ruth Cruikshank (interim co-chair)
Charlotte Innerd
David Johnson
Donna Kotsopoulos
Richard Petrone

Non-Faculty members
Gohar Ashoughian
Heather Bouillon
Sandra Davidson
Melissa Ireland
Joanne McKee (interim co-chair)
Gary Nower
Gail Forsyth
Christie Schellenberger
Debbie Thayer
Sean Thomas
Gary Wagner
Sandy Hughes

Student members
Chris Walker (WLUSU)
David Lewis (GSA)

Training and kick-off activities will commence in February, and updated information will continue to be posted to

The IPRM website contains information about the purpose and composition of the working groups and answers to frequently asked questions. For questions that havenít been addressed on the IPRM website, please email

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