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October 21, 2017
Canadian Excellence

Dr. Dean Knight

Professor Emeritus

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Academic Background
Education: Undergraduate training: Beloit College, Wisconsin: BA in anthropology with specialization in archaeology. Field work in southern and northern Wisconsin involving survey, testing and excavation of stratified Paleolndian, Archaic and Woodland sites.

Graduate training: University of Colorado in anthropology with specialization in archaeology. University of Toronto: MA, PhD in anthropology with specialization in Great Lakes archaeology. Doctoral thesis dealing with the Archaic of the Canadian Shield in the area surrounding Cobalt, Ontario
Current Research Interests: Excavation and analysis of the Ball Site, a early 17'h century Huron village, near Orillia, Ontario. Work, which began in 1975, has focus on the settlement patterns of this 3.6 hectare village, The settlement contained 71 houses, a large number of middens, thousands of artifacts and a palisade surrounding it. Excavations on this site will end in 1999 after 25 field seasons.
Teaching Specialties: North American Archaeology, Old World Prehistory, Human Osteology, Introductory Anthropology, Introductory Archaeology, Field and Laboratory Methods