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October 18, 2017
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Dr. C. Simpson

Dr. Christopher Simpson

Professor Emeritus

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Education: M.Phil., Ph.D. (Alberta), FSA
Research Interests: Archaeology of Roman Italy and the monuments, literature, and history of early imperial Rome (approximately 30 B.C. to A.D. 54)
Teaching Specialties: Greek & Roman Civilization and History; Latin; Greek.

Recent Publications:

Julius Caesar and His Son. The First Two Julian Principes and Their New Terminologies of Power. Paideia 67 (2012): 279-293.

Exhibited articles of daily life from S. Giovanni di Ruoti (in Italian, with A. Small).  In A. Russo-H. Di Giuseppe (edd) "Felicitas Temporum Dalla terra alle genti:  la Basilicata settentrionale tra archeologia e storia." Museo Archeologica Nazionale di Muro Lucano (Potenza, 2008): 586-94.

The Pantheon's Inscription, CIL 6.896. Its Date of Composition, Cultural Context, and Message.  Athenaeum 97 (2009): 149-57.

The Julian Succession and its Claudian Coda:  a Different Perspective on the So-called "Julio-Claudian Dynasty, Latomus 67 (2008): 353-65.

Why March? The Hereditary Julian Pontifices Maximi and the Date of Julius Caesar's Assassination, Latomus 66 (2007): 327-35

M. Aemilius Lepidus. Brief Speculations on His Appointment and Continuing Tenure as Pontifex Maximus, 44-13 B. C., Latomus 65 (2006): 628-33

The Fasces and the 'Custom of Alternation'. Retrojection not Restoration. In Carl Deroux (ed.) Studies in Latin Literature & Roman History XII, Coll. Latomus 287 (Brussels, 2005): 163-72.

Rome's "Official Imperial Seal"? The Rings of Augustus and His First Century Successors. Historia 54 (2005): 180-88.

Where is the Parthian? The Prima Porta Statue of Augustus Revisited, Latomus 64 (2005): 180-88.

Review:  Archer St. Clair, Carving as Craft.  Palatine East and the Greco-Roman Bone and Ivory Carving Tradition.  Baltimore/London:  Johns Hopkins University Press (2003). Mouseion n.s. 3, vol. 4 (2005): 374.78. 

Roman Minor Objects; Late Roman and Medieval Minor Obects, 1948-1997. In E. Fentress (ed.), Cosa V An Intermittent Town, Excavations 1991-1997, Memoirs of the American Academy in Rome Supplementary Vol. II (Ann Arbor, 2003): 223-49.

Dr. Chris Simpson is a graduate of the Universities of Nottingham and Alberta. His areas of special interest include the archaeology of Roman Italy and the monuments, literature, and history of early imperial Rome (approximately 30 B.C. to A.D. 54). As an archaeologist, he is known for his published studies of the metal artifacts of the later Roman frontiers in the Western Empire and of similar objects of daily life discovered at sites in South Italy. As a Classicist and Ancient Historian, Dr. Simpson has also published significant articles in the fields of Latin Poetry, concerning buildings in the historic centre of Rome itself, and which relate to the worship of the early Roman emperors (particularly Augustus, Caligula, and Claudius). He has been a member of Wilfrid Laurier University faculty since 1988 and has been a Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries since 1989.