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October 21, 2017
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            Lisa Wood

Dr. Lisa Wood

Program Coordinator and Associate Professor, Youth and Children's Studies. Associate Professor, English

Contact Information
Phone: 519.756.8228 ext.5755

Office Location: RCW 302
Office Hours: M 12-1; T 12-1

When I joined the faculty at Laurier Brantford in July 2004 I was impressed by the innovative programs offered and the exciting interdisciplinary research of my colleagues. I have appreciated the freedom given to faculty at Laurier Brantford to develop courses and programs, and am very pleased to be the Coordinator of the new Youth and Children's Studies program. Before moving to Brantford I taught for five years in the departments of English and Humanities at York University in Toronto, specializing in children’s culture and literature of the Romantic period.


Ph.D. York University, English, 1999    
M.A. York University, English, 1990 
B.A. (hons.) York University, Humanities, 1989

External Awards and Appointments: 

A. K. Sculthorpe Award for Advocacy (2010)
Contributing Associate, Heritage Resources Centre, University of Waterloo

      2013-2014 Courses:

CT/CO326 CT430

Research and Teaching Interests:

My educational background is in English literature, and I wrote my doctoral dissertation on women writers of the Romantic period who used the novel form as a way of disseminating conservative propaganda against the French Revolution. I continue to be fascinated by this period in British literature and history, and am currently engaged in research on the Evangelical novel between 1780 and 1820. My life and teaching experiences have led me into another field of inquiry, children’s popular culture and media. I enjoy teaching CT326, Children, Toys and Media, and have an article forthcoming on Pokemon and advertising to children. Related to this, I am currently researching the uses of social media in activism.



Wood, Lisa. Modes of Discipline: Women, Conservatism, and the Novel after the French Revolution. Studies in Eighteenth-Century Literature and Culture series. Lewisburg, PA.: Bucknell University Press, 2003.

Articles in Refereed Journals

Wood, Lisa. "Romancing Childhood: Pokemon, Marketing, and the Romantic Child." The Journal of Popular Culture. Forthcoming.

Wood, Lisa. "'Wholesome Nutriment' for the Rising Generation: Food, Nationalism, and Didactic Fiction at the End of the Eighteenth Century." Eighteenth-Century Fiction 21.4 (Summer 2009): 615-30.

Wood, Lisa. “Bachelors and ‘Old Maids’: Anti-Revolutionary Women Writers and Narrative Authority after the French Revolution.” Tulsa Studies in Women’s Literature 22.1 (Spring 2003): 81-98.

Chapters in Books

Wood, Lisa. "The Evangelical Novel." The Oxford Handbook to the Eighteenth-Century Novel. Ed. J.A. Downie. Forthcoming.

Book Reviews

Wood, Lisa. Review of Sylvia Kasey Marks, Writing for the Rising Generation: British Fiction for Young People, 1672-1839. Eighteenth Century Fiction 18.2 (Winter 2005-6).

Wood, Lisa. Review of M. O. Grenby, The Anti-Jacobin Novel: British Conservatism and the French Revolution. Eighteenth-Century Fiction 17.2 (January 2005): 286-8.

Scholarly Presentations

Wood, Lisa. Invited speaker, “The Future of Heritage in Brantford.” Canadian Industrial Heritage Centre, June 2011, Brantford, Ontario.

Wood, Lisa. “Old Buildings and New Media: Lessons from the Brantford Experience.” Ontario Heritage Conference, “Creating the Will,” June 2011, Cobourg, Ontario.

Wood, Lisa. Roundtable discussion, “Public Perceptions of Heritage Conservation: The Broad Picture.” Ontario Heritage Conference, “Creating the Will,” June 2011, Cobourg, Ontario.

Wood, Lisa, and Sue Ferguson. "Commercial Print Media in Public Schools." Interdisciplinary Research Lecture Series on Topics in K-12 Education, 29 May 2009, Laurier Faculty of Education, Waterloo.

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Wood, Lisa. Roundtable discussion, “Place and History,” Canadian Industrial Heritage Centre, June 2010, Brantford, Ontario.

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Wood, Lisa. “Figuring Counter-Revolution: The Domestic Man as Political Trope in the Writing of Jane West, Hannah More, and Mary Brunton.” Northeast American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies Conference, 26 October 2000, University of Southern Maine, Portland.