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October 23, 2017
Canadian Excellence
Xuan Zhao

Dr. Xuan (Jen) Zhao

Associate Professor (ODS)

Contact Information
Phone: 519.884.0710 ext.2814
Fax: 519.884.0201
Office Location: SBE3266
Office Hours: By appointment
Personal Website:
Academic Background
BEng (Hunan University), MEng (Northeastern University), PhD (The University of British Columbia)

Professor Xuan Zhao earned her Ph.D in the joint fields of Management Science and Logistics at the University of British Columbia. Her research involves utilizing the tools of Management Science/Operations Research and Economics to model, analyze and derive insights into problems in the areas of Supply Chain Management, Revenue Management, Inventory/Production Control. Her research papers have been published or accepted by various journals such as Manufacturing & Service Operations Management, Production and Operations Management, IIE Transactions, Operations Research Letter, International Journal of Production Economics, European Journal of Marketing, Applied Mathematical Modeling. 


Supply Chain Management, Revenue Management, the Interfaces of Finance, Operations, and Risk, Marketing/OM interfaces, entrepreneurships, Sustainable Operations, and Green Product Development. Always open.


2014-2016  SSHRC Insight Development Grant, $69,325, single applicant.  "Incentives for Sustainable Operations in the Energy Sector."
2012-2017  NSERC Discovery Grant, $105,000, single applicant
2009-2011 Ministry of Research and Innovation Post Doctoral Fellow supervision Grant: $100,000, single applicant
2005-2011 NSERC Discovery Grant, $100,000, single applicant

Additional Information

Selected Publications

Zhao, X., W. Xing, L. Liu, S. Wang. (Forthcoming) “Demand Information and Spot Price
Information: Supply Chains Trading in Spot Markets.” European Journal of Operational Research.

Ma, S.J. Lin, Xing, W. & Zhao, X.  (Forthcoming) "Advanced Booking Discount in the Presence of Spot Market."  International Journal of Production Research.

He, Y., & Zhao, X. (2012). Coordination in Multi-Echelon Supply Chain under Both Demand and Supply Uncertainty. Special issue of International Journal of Production Economics, 139(1):106-115.

Niu, A., Castillo, I., & Zhao, X. (2012). Joint Pricing and Inventory/Production Decisions in a Two-stage Dual-retailer Supply Chain System. Special issue of Asian Pacific Journal of Operations Research, 29(1):1-38.

Shi. V.C., Yang, S., Xia, Y., & Zhao, X. (2011). Inventory Competition for Newsvendors with Profit Targets. European Journal of Operational Research, 215:367-373.

Yang, S., Shi, V.C., & Zhao, X. (2011). Optimal Ordering and Pricing Decisions for a Target Oriented Newsvendor. The International Journal of Management Science, 39:110–115.

Zhao, X., & Shi, C. (2011). Structuring and Contracting in Competing Supply Chains. Special issue of International Journal of Production Economics, 134 (2):434-446.

Zhao, X., Niu, A., & Castillo, I. (2010). Channel Structure for Non-Profit Organizations. European Journal of Marketing, 44(7/8):972-996. 

Shi V., Zhao, X., & Xia, Y. (2010). The Setting of Profit Targets for Target Oriented Divisions. European Journal of Operational Research, 206:86-92.

Zhao, X., Atkins, D., & Liu, Y. (2009). Supply Chain Structure under Price and Service Competition. Quantitative Marketing and Economics, 4:377-397.

Zhao, X., & Atkins, D. (2009). Transshipment between Competitive Retailers. IIE Transactions, 41:665-676. (This is the lead paper in Volume 41 and was highlighted in Industrial Engineering Magazine.)

Atkins, D., & Zhao, X. (2009). On the Modeling of Demand Spill for a Stochastic Demand System under Competition. Operations Research Letters, 37:269–272.

He, Y., & Zhao, X. (2009). Supply Chain Coordination Using Returns Policy with Sales Rebate and Penalty under Effort and Price Dependent Demand. Applied Mathematical Modeling, 33:2777–2790.

Zhao X. and D. Atkins. (2008). Newsvendors under Price and Inventory Competition. M&SOM (Manufacturing and Service Operations Management), 10 (3): 539 -546.

Zhao X. (2008). Coordinating a Supply Chain System with Retailers under Both Price and Inventory Competition. Production and Operations Management, 17 (5) : 532-542.