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Wilfrid Laurier University Faculty of Arts
December 7, 2016
Canadian Excellence

Dr. David Monod

Modern American cultural and social history

Contact Information
Phone: 519 884 1970 ext.3261

Office Location: DAWB 4-156

Academic Background

BA, McGill
MA, McGill
PhD, Toronto

Academic Interests

I have been member of the History Department at Wilfrid Laurier since 1988. My areas of interest are modern American cultural and social history and U.S. foreign policy. My recent work has dealt with popular entertainment in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, especially music and theatre.  I am currently working on a book-length manuscript dealing with the popular theatre in the nineteenth century and am mapping out a new research project on vaudeville and modernist culture.  My previous book dealt with cultural politics under the American military governement in Germany after WWII.  In this work, I looked at military government policy, denazification and the reception of American music in Europe.  Among recent conference presentations are papers dealing with the post-war blues and folk "revival", record collecting in the 1950s and sixties, and "double-voiced" "freak" performers in the late nineteenth century.

Recent Publications


Settling Scores: German Music, Denazification and the Americans, 1945-1953 (Universtiy of North Carolina Press, Chapel Hill, 2005).

Store Wars: Shopkeepers and the Culture of Mass Marketing 1890-1939 (University of Toronto Press, Toronto, 1996).


"The Eyes of Anna Held:  Sex and Sight in the Progressive Era", Journal of the Gilded Age and Progressive Era, 10:3 (2011), 289-327.

"Modernist Blues: sight, sound, science and the Harlem Renaissance" in G. Friesen and D. Owram, eds., Thinkers and Dreamers: Historical Essays in Honour of Carl Berger (University of Toronto Press, 2010), 190-224.

"Ev'rybody's Crazy bout the Doggone Blues: Creating the Country Blues in the Early Twentieth Century" Journal of Popular Music Studies, 19 (Spring, 2007), 179-214.

"Americanizing the Patron State? Government and Music under American Occupation, 1945-1953". In A. Riethmüller and M. Kater, eds., Deutsche Leitkultur Musik: Geschichte und Musikgeschichte nach 1945 (Stuttgart: Franz Steiner Verlag, 2006).

"He’s a Cripple an’ Needs my Love: Porgy and Bess as Cold War Propaganda." Giles Scott-Smith and Hans Krabbendam, eds, The Cultural Cold War in Western Europe (Frank Cass: London, 2003).

"Verklärte Nacht: Denazifying Musicians under American Control" in A. Riethmüller and M. Kater, eds., Music and Nazism (Laaber Verlag: Laaber, 2002).

"Disguise, Containment and the Porgy and Bess Revival of 1952-56", Journal of American Studies, 2001

"Internationalism, Regionalism and Music Culture: Music Control in Bavaria, 1945-48", Central European History, 2000.