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October 17, 2017
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Prof. Terry Copp

Professor Emeritus (History)

Contact Information
Phone: 519 884 0710 ext.3309

Office Location: 232 King Street
Office Hours: By appointment
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Academic Background
MA, McGill

Academic Interests

Operations of Allied army and airforce commands and units in the Second World war; war and society, especially Canada during the two World Wars; military psychiatry in the 20th century. 

Present Research Interests:

I am actively involved with the Laurier Centre for Military and Strategic Disarmament Studies (LCMSDS) and in its publications program. In addition to editing the journal Canadian Military History, I am editing Operational Research in 21 Army Group and writing a study of the Canadian soldiers' experience of the battles on Verrieres Ridge July-August 1944. My long-term interest in the military effectiveness of the Allied armies in North West Europe, which led to studies of battle exhaustion and brigade level operations, will be developed in a new book on 21 Army Group. This study will incorporate work on tactical air power which has been a subject of interest for a number of years. My interest in military psychiatry, including the long term effects of exposure to combat-related stress, will continue leading to the publication of articles and the presentation of papers.

Recent Publications


"Fields of Fire":The Canadians in Normandy. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2003.

No Price Too High. Toronto, McGraw Hill 1995.

The Brigade: The Fifth Canadian Infantry Brigade. Stoney Creek: Fortress, 1992.

and Bill McAndrew, Battle Exhaustion: Soldiers and psychiatrists in the Canadian Army 1939-1945. Kingston/Montreal: McGill-Queen's UP, 1990.

and Robert Vogel, Maple Leaf Route, 5 volumes. Alma, Ontario: Maple Leaf Route, 1983-1988.

The Anatomy of Poverty: The Condition of the Working Class in Montreal 1897-1929. Toronto: McClelland & Stewart, 1974.

Additional Information
Laurier Centre for Military and Disarmament Studies: