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October 23, 2017
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William McTeer

Dr. William McTeer

Professor, Kinesiology & Physical Education

Contact Information
Phone: 519-884-0710 ext.4179   |  lab Science Research Centre, SR313A ext.2516
Fax: 519-747-4594 (5050)
Office Location: Bricker Academic Building, BA509
Office Hours: Mondays/Wednesday/Fridays 9:30-11:00 am
Languages Spoken


Academic Background
BA, (Western Ontario), MSc (Montana), PhD (Waterloo)

My research interests include the sociological examination of physical activity patterns of Canadians and the academic attainment and time use of intercollegiate athletes.

Papers in Refereed Journals

Trussell, D.E., & McTeer,W. (2007). Children’s sport participation in Canada: Is it a level playing field? International Journal of Canadian Studies, 35,113-132.

Curtis, J., McTeer,W., & White, P. (2003). Do high school athletes earn more pay? Youth sport participation and earnings as an adult. Sociology of Sport Journal, 20(1), 60-76.

Curtis, J., McTeer, W., & White, P. (1999). Exploring the effects of school age sporting experiences for participation in later life. Sociology of Sport Journal, 16(4), 348-365.

McTeer, W., & Curtis, J. (1999). Intercollegiate sport involvement and academic attainment: A follow-up study. Avante, 5(1), 39-55.

Nicholson, C., McTeer, W., & White. P. (1998). The effects of changing teams on the performance of major league baseball players. Journal of Sport Behavior, 21(1), 92-100.

Abstracts, Posters and/or Papers Read at Scholarly Meetings

McTeer, W. & White, P. (April, 2007) Elite hockey participation in Canada and social class background. Paper presented at Canada and the League of Hockey Nations Conference, Victoria, British Columbia.

McTeer, W. (2007). The sport management professional and the undergraduate Kinesiology curriculum in Canada. In Kawanishi, M. Proceedings of the Co-Op International Research Forumon the Development of Career Training Programs for the Sports Professions, 101-105, National Institute of Fitness and Sport, Kanoya, Japan.

Trussell, D. & McTeer, W. (2006, October) Children’s sport participation: Is it a level playing field? Paper presented at the National Recreation and Parks Association, Leisure Research Symposium, Seattle, Washington.

White, P. & McTeer, W. (2006, April). Curls for the girls? Sex differences in exercise patterns and equipment usage at a university fitness centre. Paper presented at the Seventy Seventh Annual Pacific Sociological Association Meeting, Los Angeles, California.

McTeer, W. & White, P. (2004, April). NASCAR: Preliminary notes on the intersection between car racing, consumer culture and the world of meaning. Paper presented at the Seventy Fifth Annual Pacific Sociological Association Meeting,  San Francisco, California.

McTeer, W., Perdue, S. & White, P. (2003, April). High school sport participation and youth crime: testing the deterrence hypothesis. Paper presented at the Seventy Fourth Annual Pacific Sociology Association Meeting, Pasadena, California.

White, P., Curtis, J., McTeer, W. & Birch, J. (2002, April). Socioeconomic background and attainment in professional ice hockey. Paper presented at the Seventy Third Annual Pacific Sociological Association Meeting, Vancouver, British Columbia.

White, P., Curtis, J., McTeer, W. & Birch, J. (2002, October). Socioeconomic background and attainment to player position in professional hockey. Paper presented at “Putting it on Ice: Hockey in Historical and Contemporary Perspective.” Halifax, Nova Scotia.

McTeer, W., White, P. & Curtis, J. (2001,March). Positive health practices in the Canadian population: Age and educational differences for national survey data. Paper presented at the Seventy Second Annual Pacific Sociological Association Meeting, San Francisco, California.

White, P., Curtis, J. & McTeer, W. (2000, March). Time use among Canadian university students and student-athletes. Paper presented at the Seventy First Annual Pacific Sociological Association Meeting, San Diego, California.

White, P., McTeer, W. & Curtis, J. (1998, November). Exploring effects of school age sport experiences for sport participation in later life. Paper presented at the VIIth World Congress: Sport for All, Barcelona, Spain.

McTeer, W. (1998, October). Coaching and Ethics. Paper presented at the Third Laurier Conference on Business and Professional Ethics, Waterloo, Ontario.

White, P., & McTeer, W. (1998, April). The gendering of sport injury in Canada: Multivariate analyses of national survey data. Paper presented at the Sixty-Ninth Annual Pacific Sociological Association Meeting, San Francisco, California.

Additional Information

Courses Taught 2008/2009

KP121 - Sociocultural Aspects of Physical Activity

KP211 - Sociology of Physical Activity

KP242 - Organization and Administration in Physical Activity Sport

KP316 - Theory of Coaching Football

KP411 - Advanced Sociology of Physical Activity