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August 25, 2016
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Laurierís Bachelor of Kinesiology (BKin) program is the study of human movement, sport and physical activity using the sciences, humanities and social sciences. We value a broad approach to the disciplines of kinesiology and physical activity, where the application of theoretical knowledge is key. That means in addition to taking practicum/activity courses in fundamental and applied movement skills, youíll study physical activity through the integrative perspectives of psychology, motor control, sociology, biomechanics, history, physiology, health and philosophy.

You may choose to focus your studies in one of four concentration areas, which will appear on your transcript: Health and Rehabilitation; Human Movement and Performance; Physical Activity Promotion; and Teaching, Coaching and Management.


Undergraduate Advising:
Dr. Stephen Wenn (until June 30, 2016)
Contact:  ext. 4160 /OFFICE HOURS:  By Appointment Only
Dr. Jennifer Robertson-Wilson (after July 1, 2016)
Contact: ext. 3928 / OFFICE HOURS:  By Appointment Only
Graduate Advising:
Dr.Paula Fletcher - Graduate Academic Advisor (2016-2017)
Contact: 519-884-0710, ext. 4159
OFFICE HOURS - By Appointment Only

Message to all KPE Students ...

It is required that you check your e-mail account weekly.  If you miss an official e-mail from the University you will have no basis for appeal because your Laurier e-mail is considered an official method of communication.


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In an effort to promote the value of hands-on and co-curricular learning, all undergraduate Kinesiology and Physical Education students complete almost 96 hours of community-related leadership/activity experiences. Divided up into 2 to 4 different experiences with a minimum of 16 hours each, these experiences will engage you in a leadership, administrative, instructional, or service capacity related to the wide scope of kinesiology, physical activity, recreation or applied health. Our department maintains a regular listing of opportunities, including coaching, athletic therapy and physiotherapy.