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June 28, 2017
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Welcome to the Department of Archaeology and Classical Studies

Our new Archaeology and Heritage Studies program explores the archaeology of the New World and the Ancient Mediterranean World. The program focuses on the cultures of North America, in both the pre-contact and post-contact periods after the arrival of Europeans, and the ancient societies of Greece, Rome and the Near East.

You’ll be trained in the methods of field archaeology and analytical techniques used in modern archaeology within the context of the larger field of heritage conservation and preservation. Courses in this program are a mixture of theory and the practical applications of that theory in our archaeological laboratories where studies in material culture are conducted.

Dr. John Triggs
202 Regina St., Room: R106J
Ext. 2156

Dr. Bonnie Glencross
Undergraduate Advisor
202 Regina St., Room: R106F
Ext. 2759

For academic advising please

Ms. Faith McCord
Senior Administrative Assistant
202 Regina St., Room:  R106K
Ext. 3625
Fax:  519 883 0991