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January 21, 2017
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Communication Studies is the largest program in the Faculty of Arts and is one of the most in-demand programs at Laurier. We study the intersection of language, media, and culture from an interdisciplinary perspective and train students in the histories, theories, and methodologies of Communication Studies. The undergraduate program offers six concentrations: media and communication history; media and cultural theory; visual communication; global communication; cultural and creative industries; and digital media studies. The graduate program enables students to pursue a substantial research project and also offers a Co-op option where students complete a communications-related work term as part of their studies.
The Department of Communication Studies also offers a Combined BA in Cultural Studies. Like Communication Studies, Cultural Studies is an interdisciplinary program and is particularly concerned with interrogating issues of race, class, gender, sexuality, and power as they manifest in cultural forms and practices.  These issues are taken up in courses on a diversity of topics ranging from cartoons and popular music to monsters and remix culture.

Master of Arts in Communication Studies

Cultural Studies


People at Laurier

Alex Boutros, Communication Studies & Cultural Studies Iím a McGill University grad who finished a two year postdoc at NYUís Center for Religion and Media before being cross appointed in communication and cultural studies here at WLU. My doctoral dissertation, Visible Vodou explores the intersection of technology, commodity culture and Vodou. My research and teaching areas include popular music; globalization and transnationalism; material culture; religion and media, cybercultural studies; urbanism; and media activism. I am currently working on two projects, one which explores ubiquitous computing, the other which looks at afrofuturism.

Alex Boutros
Assistant Professor,
Communication Studies & Cultural Studies