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October 21, 2017
Canadian Excellence
Dr. Angelo Santi

Dr. Angelo Santi

Professor Emeritus, Psychology

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Academic Background
BA (Honours), Psychology, McMaster University
MA, Psychology, Carleton University
PhD, Carleton University

The major objective of my research program has been to contribute to the area of comparative cognition by increasing our understanding of how animals encode and retain information. The research is focused on laboratory-based behavioural investigations designed to further our understanding of the cognitive mechanisms underlying perception and memory for temporal, numerical, and other kinds of information. Recent research topics have included: (1) the effect of nontemporal signal characteristics on duration perception in pigeons and rats; (2) metamemory for temporal information in pigeons; (3) relative duration judgments and evidence for subjective shortening of duration in pigeons and rats; (4) asymmetrical coding of food and no-food events by rats; (5) evidence for common coding of hedonic and nonhedonic events in many-to-one delayed matching-to-sample by rats. This program of research is externally funded by NSERC.