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October 22, 2017
Canadian Excellence

Dr. Alexandra Boutros

Associate Professor | Graduate Program Coordinator

Contact Information
Phone: 519.884.0710 ext.2917
Fax: 519.884.8854
Office Location: 2-130 DAWB
Office Hours: on sabbatical (july 2014-july 2015)
Languages Spoken


Academic Background

Postdoctoral Fellow: Center for Religion and Media, New York University (2006-2008)

PhD: Department of Art History and Communication Studies, McGill University (2001-2006)

MA: Interdisciplinary Studies, Concordia University (1998-2001)

BA: Religious Studies, Women's Studies, Concordia University (1994-1998)


My research is generally concerned with the intersection of media, technology and identity within the context of religious, social and cultural movements. Earlier research fell within the growing area of religion and media scholarship, an interdisciplinary field focusing on the mutable relationship between religious practice and forms of media. My own work in this field explored diasporic Haitian Vodou, new media and technology, and Vodou in popular culture. While I continue to be active in the field of religion and media, I am currently working on two new projects, one which explores ubiquitous computing, the other which looks at afrofuturism—focusing on social networking arising out of images of black technologized subjectivity. The first stage of the latter project focuses on transnational networks forged through diasporic hip hop communities and is funded by a SSHRC Insight Development Grant. I am currently the Chair of the Canadian Association of Cultural Studies, which will be housed at Laurier until 2016. More information about the organization can be found here;

Recent Publications:

 "'My Real'll Make Yours a Rental: Hip Hop and Canadian Copyright," in Dynamic Fair Dealing: Creating Canadian Culture Online, Rosemary J. Coombe, Darren Wershler, and Martin Zellinger (eds), Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2014. 317-326

"'Lwa Like Me!': Gender, Sexuality and the Negotiation of Cultural Specificity in Vodou Online," in Media, Religion, and Gender, Mia Lovheim (ed.), N.Y.:Routledge, 2013. 96-110

"Virtual Vodou, Actual Practice: Transfiguring the Technological," in Deus in Machina: Religion, Technology, and the Things in Between, Jeremy Stolow (ed.), N.Y.: Fordham University Press, 2012. 239-260

"Gods on the Move: The Mediatization of Haitian Vodou," in Culture and Religion, 12:2, 2011. 185-201 (here)

"Media, Representation, Identity," in Intersections of Communications and Media: Concepts and Critical Frameworks, William Straw, Sandra Gabriel, and Ira Wagman (eds), Toronto, Edmond Montgomery Press, 2011. 289-308


Courses (F2014/W2015): On Sabbatical


 KS340J  - Myths, Monsters and Machines: The Fantastic in Popular Culture

 KS400 -   Remix Culture

 CS615  - Global Cultures: Hybrids, Homogeneities, and Flows

Additional Information

supervisory areas

  • religion and media
  • citizen/social/participatory media
  • ubiquitous computing
  • race and technology
  • race and popular culture
  • popular music
  • media and diaspora/transnational media