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July 27, 2017
Canadian Excellence

The Tshepo Institute for the Study of Contemporary Africa

Tshepo's mission is to promote global awareness and excellence in knowledge development on African issues with the aim of inspiring positive transformation.

Mandate/Objectives of the Tshepo Institute
The Tshepo Institute for the Study of Contemporary Africa (TISCA) focuses on contemporary development and social justice issues in Africa from an interdisciplinary perspective.  It serves as a hub for knowledge mobilization and student/faculty enrichment that can inform transformative policies and emphasize causes for hope.   Areas of expertise include:

  • Health and education
  • Governance
  • Human rights
  • Economic and technological development

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The Origins of Tshepo

In Botswana, the dominant indigenous language is Setswana. In 2007, when Drs. Lamine Diallo and Peter Farrugia stepped up efforts to create a research centre devoted to the study of contemporary sub-Saharan Africa, they decided to christen it the Tshepo Institute. Tshepo (say-poh) is the Setswana word for hope and the founders believed that it was important to underline, not only the serious challenges facing Africans today, but also the tremendous resources being marshalled to meet these challenges. The photo above was taken at the Camphill Community in Otse just outside of Gaborone, the capital. A deaf worker is putting the finishing touches on a solar powered battery recharger for hearing aids. It was just one of the projects that left a delegation mightily impressed on its visit to the community in the summer of 2007.

People at Laurier

Dr. Lamine Diallo, Past Co-Director, Tshepo Institute Dr. Diallo is interested in research projects focused on capacity building in the developing world.

Dr. Lamine Diallo
Associate Professor,
Past Co-Director, Tshepo Institute