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October 21, 2017
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Researching Human Rights Reporting in West Africa

Thomas Rose

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Office Location: RCE 244 (Brantford) DAWB 3-127 (Waterloo
Office Hours: (for PO333) Winter 2015: Mondays, 5:30 - 6:30 p.m. by appointment only
Academic Background

LL.M in International Law, Leiden University, Specialization in International Criminal Law

Master in the Studies of Law, Yale Law School. Areas of focus: U.S./Canada Constitutional Law; Extraordinary Rendition

Honours Bachelor of Arts, University of Ottawa, Major in Social Communication

Yale Law School Scholarship/ J.S. Knight Fellow In Journalism & Law

CanWest Global Research Fellow, University of Western Ontario, Faculty of Information & Media Studies 


Mr. Rose has been an assistant professor of journalism since 2006.  His research interests include journalism theory and practice; freedom of expression, , international law, human rights.

He is Editor of the Law Section, J-Source, Canadian Journalism Project

Mr. Rose is also an award winning journalist.  He worked in the public and private sectors for more than two decades. He held various positions including, General Assignment Reporter, Senior Producer, Executive Producer, and Project Manager on multi-media projects. His work has taken him to locations that include Ghana, South Africa, Vietnam, Northern Ireland, Russia, Italy, New York, Washington and Los Angeles. From 2006-2010 Thomas was a contributing columnist for the online news service of CBC.  



Rose, Thomas, (2012): A Human Rights-Based Approach to Journalism: Ghana, Journal of International Communication, DOI:10.1080/13216597.2012.737347

Rose, Thomas, (2009): "Reporters without Borders" Encyclopedia of Human Rights. Ed. David P. Forsythe. © Oxford University Press. Encyclopedia of Human Rights: (e-reference edition). Oxford University Press. Winner of the 2010 Dartmouth Medal

Rose, Thomas. (2002): “A Delicate Balance: Extradition, Sovereignty, and Individual Rights in the United States and Canada.” The Yale Journal of International Law 27:193-215.


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