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January 21, 2017
Canadian Excellence

The MSWSA is a resource for student initiatives at WLU and we would like to encourage you to share your ideas and get involved. All masters students at the Faculty of Social Work are members of the MSWSA.

Last year's MSWSA team has started some exciting initiatives and projects that are being put into action. Some of these projects include:

Current Projects

•   Community garden for students and faculty at the Wilfrid Laurier University
•   WLU graduate student "craigslist" (sharespace) to facilitate housing, car pooling, textbook sales etc. for social works students, staff and faculty
•   Creation of a volunteer coordinator position to connect local agencies with volunteer needs with our students looking for relevant opportunities

The MSWSA serves as a collective voice for all Wilfrid Laurier University Master of Social Work students. As a group we aim to do the following:

1. Advocate for & enhance the student experience within the University community
2. Atimulate and promote a multi-disciplinary interest & career direction in the field of Social Work.            
3. Provide stimulation of Social Work & community interests through meetings, student organized activities & workshops.

Some of our activities have included:

•   Student representatives on FSW committees including curriculum committee, equity committee etc.
•   Peer mentoring for new students
•   Advocacy for MSW student issues
•   active role in orientation planning and delivery
•   Social events (BBQ’s, pub gatherings, intramural sports)
•   Community activism and fundraising
•   Partnering with local organizations
•   Office hours to help students navigate the FSW & Locker Distribution
•   MSW clothing sale and distribution

Getting Involved

You are welcome to chose your level of commitment. We welcome anything from an email with an idea for an event or initiative, joining a sub-committee, to becoming an executive member.
There are several elected executive positions including President, Vice/Incoming President, Chair, Secretary, treasurer, Event Coordinator, a rep from each cohort/stream ie. first year rep, advance standing rep.

All of the executive positions with the exception of President will be available in September and will be elected late September early October. Anyone who is interested in getting involved is welcome to contact us with any questions. You can email us at

Your MSWSA Executive

Jessie Quinn, President 
Timothy Gordon, Vice President  
Sabrina Puente, Secretary  
Kayla Follett, First Year Rep.  
Emily Palumbo, Second Year Rep. 
Amelia Larson, Treasurer