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Wilfrid Laurier University Laurier Brantford
October 17, 2017
Canadian Excellence
Tammie Maertens

T. Maertens

Special Constable

Contact Information
Phone: 519.756.8228 ext.5762
Other Phone: Emergencies: Ext. 5888

Office Location: MP 125


Hi! I was born and raised in Brantford. This is a wonderful city that has grown tremendously in the past 10 yrs. I am a graduate from Mohawk College here in Brantford in the Law and Security Administrations Program. I have gained experience working at Sears Brantford as a Resources Protection Investigator for 5 years prior to coming to Laurier. In the past I was a volunteer with Brantford Victim Crisis and Referral Service, and was a guest speaker for 2 years at St. Leonardís Society for the Anti-shoplifting program for young offenders and adults. When not on campus I enjoy raising my 4 children. I am a baseball coach and player at the provincial level. Please feel free to approach me at anytime with questions, concerns or if you just want to talk. Iím a great listener!! I am very happy to be involved with the staff and students here. Everyone has been great to me. Thanks! Hereís to a great future for everyone at Laurier Brantford.