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October 27, 2016
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Welcome to the Academic Integrity web site.

The expectations placed on students at Laurier include honesty and integrity in both their academics and behaviour on and off campus.

If a student's conduct is not up to the expectations put in place by the University, then they will face the consequences of their misconduct. Academic misconduct is an act by a student, or by students working on a team project, which may result in a false evaluation of the student(s), or which represents a deliberate attempt to unfairly gain an academic advantage. (WLU Undergraduate Calendar)

The Student Code of Conduct and Discipline is clearly stated in the university calendar; become familiar with it. Your professor and teaching assistant are available to help you understand Laurier's regulations and policies. Also take advantage of the resources at the Writing Centre and the library.


What is Academic Integrity?

Integrity is defined in the Canadian Oxford Dictionary (2004) as "moral uprightness; honesty...unimpaired or uncorrupted..."

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