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Wilfrid Laurier University Lazaridis School of Business & Economics
December 10, 2016
Canadian Excellence

            Welcome to the Operations & Decision Sciences (ODS) Area at Laurier!

We are pleased that you took the time to visit. We hope that you will explore the site further to learn more about the ODS Area, its people, its teaching programs, and its research activities. Whether you are curious about the career prospects that are open to individuals with training in operations and supply chain management or more interested in how our research can tackle some of today’s intriguing business issues, this site is designed with you in mind.

As one of the first universities in Canada to offer supply chain management education at Bachelor, Masters and PhD levels, Laurier has attracted the largest pool of expertise in operations and supply chain management among Canadian universities.Our work is published in the top international journals in operations and supply chain management, as well as leading journals that publish work that is more specific to particular topic areas.

The ODS Area at Laurier offers undergraduate and MBA students a set of selected courses that incorporate both theoretical and applied operational and supply chain management knowledge. This balance of theory and application provides our students with in-depth knowledge of techniques that managers can use to skilfully tackle realistic business problems.

Our MSc and PhD programs offer students the opportunity to focus on developing the skills required to conduct rigorous research on decision challenges faced by organizations.The research projects that our faculty members are involved in ensure that our understanding of these skills is not static but grows continuously in response to the dynamic and complex global environment. Our research work on operations and supply chain management is indicative of the cutting-edge topics we are addressing.

Please have a look at the bios of our current tenure stream faculty (to the right).

Tenure Stream Faculty

Castillo, Dr. Ignacio, Professor (ODS) 

Craig, Dr. Ronald, Retired Professor (ODS)

De, Dr. Mitali, Assistant Professor (ODS)

Harris, Dr. Ruth, Retired Associate Professor (ODS)

Haughton, Dr. Michael, Professor (ODS)

Hendricks, Dr. Kevin, Professor of Operations Management

Isotupa, Dr. Sapna, Professor (ODS)

Iyogun, Dr. Paul, Professor (ODS)

Jha, Dr. Shailendra, Associate Professor (ODS)

Keller, Dr. Gerald, Retired Professor (ODS)

Noori, Dr. Hamid, Laurier Chair Professor in Enterprise Integration & Technology Management; Director: Laurier EMTM, PhD and Research-Based Programs

Ravi, Dr. Peruvemba, Associate Professor (ODS)

Pavlin, Dr. Michael, Assistant Professor (ODS)

Shi, Dr. Chunming, Associate Professor (ODS)

Zhao, Dr. Xuan (Jen), Associate Professor (ODS)