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Wilfrid Laurier University Lazaridis School of Business & Economics
December 11, 2016
Canadian Excellence

Through judicious hiring, focused effort and teamwork, Laurier's Finance Area has become a leader in research and teaching. Our faculty address some of the most pressing issues in Finance today in their research and publish in the discipline's leading journals. The expertise of our faculty includes issues in corporate finance, options pricing, fixed income securities, market microstructure and insurance.  Through the Financial Services Research Centre, the Area attracts outstanding academics as guest speakers to the school.

Laurier offers undergraduate, masters and PhD students an excellent offering of Finance courses. The undergraduate and masters courses are designed to be both conceptually rigorous and sufficiently applied so that our students will be 'job ready' for finance careers on both Bay Street and in the wider corporate sector. Further supporting this education is the country's largest business co-op program. At any one time there are approximately 75 Laurier students in co-op positions in Canadian and U.S. capital markets. Our graduates are sought after by leading finance companies such as Fidelity Investments, Gluskin Sheff, Scotia Capital, TD Bank Financial Group and GE Capital and by corporations such as Loblaws and Proctor and Gamble.

Dr. Brian Smith
Area Coordinator, Finance


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A study titled "Does Increased Competition Affect Credit Ratings? A Reexamination of the Effect of Fitch's Market Share on Credit Ratings in the Corporate Bond Market" by Jin Wang has been accepted by the Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis
(Headline - Sep 07)
A study titled "Did CDS trading improve the market for corporate bonds?" by Madhu Kalimipalli and Subhankar Nayak has been accepted by the Journal of Financial Economics
(Headline - Aug 21)
Laurier Finance area named among the top three most productive in Canada by the Canadian Journal of Administrative Sciences
(Headline - Aug 16)
Laurier's Master of Finance program enjoys 100% placement rates fourth year in a row
(Headline - Aug 02)
Will McNally and Brian Smith interviewed by the Calgary Herald regarding the ongoing Genesis proxy fight
(Headline - Jul 29)
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Dr. Brian Smith,
Professor & Area Coordinator (Finance)

Dr. Ben Amoako-Adu,
Professor (Finance)

Dr. Phelim Boyle,
Professor (Finance) 

Dr. Peter Carayannopoulos,
Associate Dean of Business: Faculty Development and Research & Associate Professor (Finance)

Mr. Michael Brolley,
Assistant Professor (Finance)

Mr. Ernie Cosgrove
Lecturer (Finance)

Mr. Bruce Everitt,
Instructor (Finance)

Ms. Paquita Freire,
Lecturer (Finance) 

Dr. Madhu Kalimipalli,
Associate Professor (Finance) & Director, Financial Services Research Centre

Dr. Mary Kelly,
Associate Professor (Finance)

Dr. Si Li,
Associate Professor (Finance)

Dr. William McNally,
Associate Professor (Finance)

Dr. Subhankar Nayak,
Associate Professor (Finance)

Dr. M. Fabricio Perez,
Assistant Professor (Finance)

Dr. Jack A. Schnabel,
Professor (Finance)

Dr. Andriy Shkilko,
Associate Professor (Finance)

Mr. Dalibor Stancovici,
Instructor (Finance) 

Dr. Tony Tang,
Associate Professor (Finance)

Dr. Jin Wang,
Assistant Professor (Finance)

People at Laurier

Andriy Shkilko, Finance Whether it is your retirement savings or your children's college fund, chances are they are invested in financial assets (e.g., stocks, bonds, etc.). The value of these assets is determined by financial markets, where the assets trade. Are these markets efficient and fair? Are they prone to manipulation that may lead to investment losses? Andriy Shkilko studies financial markets, particularly stock and options exchanges, to shed light on functionality, trading costs, and fairness of information dissemination. His research has been used in policymaking by regulators around the globe.

Andriy Shkilko