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Wilfrid Laurier University Laurier Brantford
October 23, 2016
Canadian Excellence

Our Society, Culture and Environment program is unique in Canada - we provide you with the knowledge, skills and inspiration to directly contribute to the world we live in both locally and globally. Our curriculum examines topics such as poverty and policies to reduce income inequality, climate change and sustainable communities, and citizens' roles in a democratic society. You'll work together with your professors to inspire one another and to develop innovative solutions to complex problems. 

Our program not only nurtures engaged citizens who participate in their communities, but also develops fundamental employability skills such as writing, speaking and teamwork. 

We also offer the Bachelor of Arts in Society, Culture and Environment in combination with one of two graduate certificates in either Sustainable Business Management (formerly Green Management) or Community and Social Service Management from Conestoga College. Students choosing this route take courses for the Conestoga certificate program in their third year of studies in classrooms on the Laurier Brantford campus. In just four years students following this pathway can earn both a Laurier Honours BA degree and a Conestoga graduate certificate.

The broad-based education provided by our Society, Culture and Environment program will suit a wide range of interests and career goals, including those interested in education, law, social services, business and more. Our graduates are socially aware citizens and inspirational leaders in their communities who contribute to a more positive collective future for all.

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Program Coordinator
Dr. Brenda Murphy

Academic Program Assistant
Nicole Morgan