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July 28, 2016
Canadian Excellence

Welcome to the Centre for Teaching Innovation and Excellence (CTIE). CTIE is comprised of a number distinct departments with interconnected and yet varying responsibilities. These departments include:

  1. Educational Development (EDEV) - committed to promoting a culture of teaching and learning, and providing development opportunities. Working with faculty, teaching assistants, administrators and others, ED staff profile and support innovation and excellence in teaching and learning at all levels of the university.  

  2. Online Learning (OL) – involved with the development and delivery of online distance education course offerings and programs.   

  3. Educational Technologies (EdTech) – providing support to faculty, students and staff concerning new and existing teaching and learning technologies.  

  4. Continuing Studies (CS) – working with Laurier faculty to develop and offer not-for-degree-credit programs and course offerings that align with the expertise of Laurier’s faculties.

  5. Part-time Studies (PTS) – providing support to part-time, adult students completing programs at Laurier.  

  6. Quality Assurance Office (QAO) - providing curriculum-oriented and administrative support for new program development, cyclical program review, and program modification.

  7. Community Service Learning (CSL) - providing meaningful community service with classroom instruction and critical reflection.   Link

  8. Intercultural Development Office (IDO)

Our office is located at 202 Regina Street North, second floor, room R294.

The office also supports maintenance and renewal of Laurier's general purpose classrooms and Laurier's Active Learning Classrooms (ALCs). For more information about ALCs and the training that we offer, click here. For more information about classroom maintenance and renewal, click here.

The Fall 2015/Winter 2015 Part-time, Online Learning and Continuing Studies calendar is now live.

People at Laurier

Stephen MacNeil, Chemistry Dr. Stephen MacNeil, assistant professor of chemistry shares insight on teaching organic chemistry -- simply defined as the chemistry of carbon compounds. From the medicine we take, to the shampoos we use, to the food we eat, the widespread distribution of both natural and synthetic organic chemicals touches all our lives, and is the reason organic chemistry is both relevant and fascinating. MacNeil is the recipient of the Wilfrid Laurier University 2011 Award for Teaching Excellence.

Stephen MacNeil