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September 23, 2017
Canadian Excellence

Dr. Ioannis (John) Haranas

Adjunct Assistant Professor

Contact Information
Phone: 519-884-0710 ext.2415

Office Location: N 2079
Office Hours: Tuesday 4-5 pm
Languages Spoken


Academic Background
PhD Astrophysics and Space Science
MSc  Astronomy and Astrophysics
 BSc Applied Mathematics

Membership: Member of the APM Institute for the Advancement of Physics and Mathematics


Austerlitz C. , Barros A. Gkigkitzis I., Campos D., Goncavles Da Silva  T., Nascimento S., Haranas I., Use of Gold Macro-Rods and Ultrasound as a Hyperthermia Cancer Treatment Experimental Results on Ehrlich Tumor in Mus Musculus mice, BSP Paten Book Series , Topics in Anti-Cancer Research, Vol. 4 pp.3-21, 2015.

Haranas I., Gkigkitzis, I., Kotsireas I., Haranas M. K., Rekkas I., The  effect of gravitational acceleration in the streaming potential on the surface of planetary body and in orbit around it, Advances in Space Research, 56 (2015), 1714-1725.
Haranas I.,  Ragos O., Gkigkitzis I., Kotsireas I., Quantum and and post-Newtonian effects in the anomalistic motion and in the period and the mean motion of celestial bodies, Astrophys. and Space Sci. (2015), 358, 12.
Haranas I., Gkigkitzis I., Alexiou A., Fractal growthon the surface of a planet and in orbit around it, Microgravity Science and Technology, vol. 26, #5, 313-325, 2014

Haranas I., Gkigkitzis I., Zouganelis G., Haranas K. M., Kirk, S., Respiratory deposition   probability due to sendimentationwith variable gravity and electrostatics forces , GeNeDis 2014, Published Advances of Experimental Medicine and Biology, 2015.

Haranas I., Gkigkitzis  I., The mass of the graviton and its relation to the number of information according to the holographic principle, International Scholarly Research Notices, vol. 2014  ID 718251,

Gkigkitzis I, Haranas I. ,Analytic Considerations and Axiomatic Approaches to the Concept Cell Death and Cell Survival Functions In Biology and Cancer Tratment, Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology, 822, 85-115, 2015

Additional Information

Courses Taught and in Progress:

Fall      2015:  AS101a Our Place in the Cosmos

Winter 2016: PC 311  Quantum Mechanics II

Spring 2016  (13 April-25 May) LALL Course: Introduction to Cosmology

Spring 2016 (In progress)   PC310B Planetary and Space Science