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Wilfrid Laurier University Faculty of Arts
June 24, 2017
Canadian Excellence
Connect online with Laurier Arts students this summer!

Laurierís second-annual Common Reading Program invites all students entering the Faculty of Arts in September 2014 to join in a shared reading experience with hundreds of their peers.

Each short story in Cary Fagan's My Life Among the Apes will transport students to a different world where people experience life, confront decisions and make choices. It's what the 2014 Common Reading Program is all about.


Author Cary Fagan will offer guidelines and inspiration on how to write a short story.  CLICK HERE to register now for this Workshop as seating is limited.

At the beginning of July, students received a free copy of the 2014 Common Reading Program collection of short stories, My Life Among the Apes. Students are then encouraged to:

1. Read the story chosen for them (indicated on the bookmark tucked in their book)

2. Join the conversations online:

3. Use the Facebook group to meet other first-year Arts students, enter contests, sign up for fall events, and get a taste of what to expect in their classroom discussions

4. Keep reading!

My Life Among the Apes is available in the Bookstore (Waterloo campus) and the Stedman Community Bookstore (Brantford campus).

E-reader versions of the book will also be available to the public for $1.99 on Kobo, Kindle and through the Apple iBookstore from July 1 to Sept. 30.

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New Laurier Arts students meet online through <em>My Life Among the Apes</em> New Laurier Arts students meet online through My Life Among the Apes
(News Release - Jul 09)
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