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October 21, 2017
Canadian Excellence

Dr. Amy Clements-Cortes

Contract Academic Staff, Music Therapy; Clinical and Graduate Supervisor

Contact Information

Office Location: A207

Academic Background

PhD, MusM (University of Toronto), BMT (University of Windsor)


Amy Clements-Cortes, PhD, MTA, MT-BC, FAMI began her career as a music therapist, performer, and vocal teacher. Her extensive clinical experience involves working with a variety of clients including: geriatrics, adult psychiatry, palliative care, children, adolescents and adults with learning disabilities and developmental delays, cognitive impairment, Parkinson's, stroke, etcetera. Dr. Clements-Cortes has worked both in hospitals and nursing homes, including 17 years at Baycrest Centre in Toronto, Ontario.

Amy obtained her Masters and Doctoral Degrees from the University of Toronto. She has given over 80 conference and/or invited academic presentations around the globe at such venues as the World Federation of Music Therapy and the International Congress on Palliative Care. She has 16 peer reviewed journal publications, several book chapters, and has supervised over 30 music therapy internships, 30 undergraduate research studies, and 3 Masters students MRPs.

Amy is the Clinical Commissioner for the World Federation of Music Therapy, Vice-Chair and BOD Member for the
Room 217 Foundation and serves on the Canadian Association of Music Therapy (CAMT) Board of Directors as Past President. Amy is on the editorial review board of the WFMT Journal and Music Therapy Perspectives; and is the Guest Editor of the Canadian Association for Music Therapy 40th Anniversary Journal; Managing Editor for Music and Medicine; co-investigator in the AIRS SSHRC Project; Assistant Professor University of Toronto, MAHRC (LTA), and an approved CBMT Provider.

Her business
Notes by Amy was founded in 1995 and provides a variety of professional services including: Private Music Therapy and Guided Imagery and Music Sessions, Clinical Music Therapy Supervision and Mentoring, Music Therapy Courses, and Research Collaboration. Amy has recorded several CDs, her latest of which is Soothing Relaxation Journeys.

Additional Information

Academic & Research Interests

Amyís main research areas of interest include: music therapy; successful, healthy aging and wellbeing across the lifespan; dementia and mental health support; arts in healthcare; relationship completion; singing for health; anxiety; burnout; music for sleep, relaxation and pain; music and technology; vibroacoustic therapy, clinical internship and supervision.

Current Research Projects Include: Buddyís Glee Club: Phase 3; Rhythmic Sensory Stimulation and AD; and Taking Flight: Music Therapy Internship Experiences from the Eyes of the Pre-Professional.

Recent Scholarly Publications

Clements-Cortes, A. (2014). Adultos en Cuidados Paliativos y Hospicio. In J. Allen (Ed.). Guia Para la Practica de la Musicoterapia con Adultos Bajo Atencion Medico. New Braunfels TX: Barcelona.

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